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What is the quantity of Allicin in your product and what is its significance?

Allicin is the major sulfur compound in Garlic, which is responsible for most of the beneficial effects associated with garlic. The suggested daily dose of Allicin is 2400 mcg or more and products without any Allicin will not yield the desired result. Buddha’s Herbs Garlic 1000 mg is standardized to contain 1500 mcg Allicin per softgel and thus two Softgles deliver atleast 3000 mcg Allicin. Compare the price of Buddha’s Herbs Natural Garlic Oil with other similar products in the market and you will realize that it offers the best value among all the competing products.

Are there any side effects to taking Garlic Supplement?

Side effects that may occur when using garlic supplements may include gastrointestinal disturbances, heartburn, and flatulence, in sensitive individuals.

Are Buddha’s Herbs herbal products free of pesticide contamination?

Yes. All the herbal supplements are additionally regularly tested for Pesticide Contamination as part of its GMP Quality Guidelines. The method used is :
PAM Multi-Residue Screen (M303_GRN_S:1)
Food and Drug Administration, ‘303: Method II for Nonfatty Foods’, Pesticide Analytical Manual, Third Edition, Vol. 1, Food and Drug Administration, Washington, D.C. (1994).

Does the Buddha’s Herbs Herbal Supplements contain any artificial flavor, color, preservatives?

The Herbal Supplements does not contain any artificial flavor, color or preservatives, like all the other products produced by Buddha’s Herbs. Moreover in case any product will contain any of the above, it will specifically state so on the label. We meet our Label Claims 100 %.