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Herbal Teas
Organic Chamomile Tea Nature's

very own relaxant.

Let your mind and body unwind
and the stresses of the day glide
away as you sip a cup of our
Organic Chamomile Tea.
Green Teas
Wings Tea Taste the
of nature.
A spicy and refreshing green tea
blend with ginger, Cinnamon
Lemon Grass and Cardamom.
An all natural, full-bodied Green Tea!
Herbal Supplements
Green Tea Extract
Powerful Antioxidant& weight loss support Less than 1% caffeine per softgel
Non-GMO and soy free.
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Vitamins & Minerals
High absorb Coq10 From our
to yours.
Naturally fermented and SOY FREE!
Acts as an antioxidant that
promotes heart health.
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