Buddha’s Herbs only bring its consumers the best quality Dietary Supplements and Herbal Teas. Right from procurement of raw materials to packaging of products, Buddha’s Herbs Quality Management Team oversees the whole operation and secures complete documentation.  Following are some of the salient features of our Quality procedure:
  1. Product Specifications: Each product marketed by Buddha’s Herbs is manufactured as per detailed specifications prepared by experienced health professionals. Only potencies which have proved effective in clinical tests are used. Detailed raw material specifications along with purity and disintegration requirements are outlined. Scientifically valid and most current test methods, according to which product are tested during production process and at Independent testing stage, are also specified in advance.
  2. Raw Material Procurement and Manufacturing Process: Raw Materials are procured from only the most reputable suppliers and Raw material Certificate of Analysis (COA) is also obtained. All the manufacturing facilities are GMP Compliant and Identity Testing is done on all the Raw Materials. All the Production record including Master Manufacturing Record and Batch Production Record is maintained to ensure compliance to the specifications. Certificate of Analysis (COA) of each product is also secured, which also carries the Lot number and expiration date.
  3. Independent Testing: Though all the care and professionalism is ensured during the production process but we do not stop there.  Representative Samples of each batch are taken and sent for independent testing by an authorized Lab to verify the COA. The tests are done by utilizing the most current methods established by organizations such as USP and AOAC, when available, and include the use of sensitive analytical equipment such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AA), and Thermo Scientific Antaris™ II FT-NIR analyzers. This helps in guaranteeing potency of the product, and confirms purity of all components along with ensuring compliance with all limits for microbes, heavy metals and contaminants. All the Dietary Supplements marketed by Buddha’s Herbs meet California Proposition 65 Regulations which limits the quantity of lead as less than 0.5 ppm per serving.
  4. Packaging: Packaging Operations are also carried out at GMP certified Facilities and are done as per FDA GMP regulations  to ensures safe and accurate packaging. Lot numbers and Expiration dates are clearly printed on each product and they correspond with the Lot numbers on COA and Independent Laboratory testing reports.
We Deliver, You Decide: Buddha’s Herbs Team takes extra pain to bring you the most effective and pure Dietary Supplement products at the best price possible. The ratings and reviews given by our satisfied customers are testament of the love and effort we put into our products.