Vitamins & Minerals

Buddha’s Herbs brings you the Best Quality Nutritional Supplements including Vitamins and Minerals at the best price possible. We only use the highest quality raw materials available and our potencies are selected by taking into consideration the clinical tests and are thus backed by scientific research. All the Dietary Supplements completely comply with 21 CFR part 3 regulations for Good Manufacturing Practices and all the production process is fully documented. Independent Testing for efficacy, purity and disintegration is done on all the Batches by taking representative samples and Certificate of Analysis of each product is verified.

Fish Oil Mega Omega-3

These Burpless supplements contain 700mg Omega 3 per softgel and have been shown to lower elevated triglyceride levels & decrease risk of heart disease. Omega 3 pills help support Cardiovascular, Cognitive, Ocular, Immune, and Nervous Systems. Capsules Made with Fish Gelatin.

As low as $ 13.49
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High Absorb CoQ10

Naturally Fermented and Soy free high Absorb Coenzyme Q10 supplements. Available as 150 count 100 mg softgels.

As low as $ 11.24
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